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Ebonee Davis for Afropolitain magazine rodrigomail2@gmail.com 20/09/2021

Ebonee Davis for Afropolitain magazine

Ebonee Davis for Afropolitain magazine.

Photography by JD Barnes, retouch by Fotolisis.

Eboni Davis, better known as Ebonee Davis, is an American model and activist. She has given TED talks on the experience of being an African-American model in the fashion industry, as she is well known for her campaign with Calvin Klein, where she wore her natural hair.

Davis began her career by participating in casting in Seattle, Washington, which catapulted her to participate in season 18 of America’s Next Top Model. Since then she has appeared in magazines such as Sports Illustrated’s, Swimsuit Issue, Glamour, Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Uk and has been featured in ads for LÓreal, Pantene, Urban Outfifters, Victoria’s Secret Pink and GAP.

She was also one of the models in Kanye West’s season 4 fashion show.

“I began to unpack the colonial mindset, that’s what led to my first trip to Africa, which led to the start of my organization ‘Daughter’— Ebonee Davis

Ebonee Davis for Afropolitain magazine photo shoot by JD Barnes

Afopolitain magazine

The Afropolitain is a new multicultural and multidimensional magazine highlighting the heritage of African culture. The core audience target is the African diaspora and / or those of African origin. It’s multicultural appeal is due to the spread of the diaspora to all continents. Our goal is to synchronize the multidimentionel influences and expressions of modern African culture. Our goal is to facilitate the discovery of the many faces of African diaspora and its particularities. The AFROPOLITAIN takes a fresh look and brings a new tone in the way in which black culture is presented. It is intended as a mirror and a link between Africa, Europe and the Americas.