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“Mediterraneo”. Film directed by Marcel Barrena rodrigomail2@gmail.com 17/09/2021

“Mediterraneo”. Film directed by Marcel Barrena

“Mediterraneo” Film directed by Marcel Barrena. Still photography by Lucia Faraig. Retouch by Fotolisis.


Autumn 2015. Two lifeguards, Òscar (Eduard Fernández) and Gerard (Dani Rovira), travel to Lesbos (Greece) shocked by the photograph of a drowned child in the waters of the Mediterranean. Upon arrival, they discover a shocking reality: thousands of people risk their lives every day crossing the sea in precarious boats and fleeing armed conflicts. However, no one carries out rescue work.
Together with Esther (Anna Castillo), Nico (Sergi López) and other members of the team, they will struggle to fulfill a mission, giving support to the thousands of people in need. For all of them, this initial journey will be an odyssey that will change their lives. Mediterráneo is a struggle to survive in the sea, an often hostile environment in which every life counts.

“Mediterraneo” film directed by Marcel Barrena, will opt to represent Spain in the next edition of the Oscars, the 94th, in the category of Best International Film. 

“Mediterraneo” Film by Marcel Barrena in filmaffinity.
“Open Arms”


A true story based on the NGO “Open Arms”,  a Humanitarian, Non-Governmental, Non-Profit organisation. His primary mission is to protect the life of the most vulnerable in emergency situations. They originate from a sea rescue company with more than 20 years experience on the Spanish coasts.

They protect the lives of those abandoned in international waters fleeing from wars, persecution and poverty. On mainland “Open Arms” collaborate with healthcare teams and frontline research teams to face health emergencies or any other kind of crisis that requires immediate action.