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Fotolisis is a photographic studio that specializes in high end editorial and commercial photo retouching services for professional photographers, designers, advertising agencies and digital media industry. We are focused on high quality work, with the best computer equipment and software, online services to receive and send files, experience and deep knowledge of retouching techniques and most importantly, a creative vision on each job always following the indications of our clients. We are also photographers and we know our language.


On this website you can find a varied selection of our post-production work in any kind of photographic field. Editorial, Fashion, Commercial, Product, Lifestyle, Headshot, Architectural, Gastronomy, Aerial, Still Photography… Images used for all types of media and applications as Magazine, Film and Book Covers, Advertisgns, Real State images, Product Campains, Corporate Portraits, E-commerce. If you have a bunch of pixels, we can work on them.


We are based in Spain and offer off-site photo retouching services for professional photographers worldwide. From 2008, Fotolisis gives a high end retouching skills, friendly service and quick turnaround. Many jobs and many great photographers over the years, problems solved, deadlines met, rebel computers, some awards and many satisfactions with our work. We still love photography. For a quote or just a general enquiry please contact us just sending and email.

More images?

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