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Before & after


Before & After photo retouching gallery with some fashion, editorial, portrait, commercial and architectural works that show the Fotolisis retouching process.

Photography by JGPhotography by Julio Gamboa

Photography by Julio Gamboa

Fashion shooting of Coco Crush Chanel jewelry collection for Mojeh Magazine.

Beauty work, skin smoothing, nails, hair and make-up enhancement, change of background to a flat color.

Photography by Nicolas Marques

Advanced Technology and Applied Science (ATAS) building at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA.

Exposure compensation, perspective correction, elimination of elements and people composition.

Photography by Eclectik StudiosPhotography by Eclectik Studios

Photography by Eclectik Studios. 

Hawaii Harlequins Rugby Football Club players in a team commercial.

Background change  to simulate an illuminated and crowded stadium. Elimination of clothes wrinkles and color and contrast work to recreate an artificial night lighting inside the stadium.

Photography by FHPhotography by Frank Herfort

Photography by Frank Herfort.

Commercial for Telekom Austria Group.

Adding the girl, changing the street, cleaning and general improvement of color and contrast.


Photography by Lucia Faraig.Photography by Lucia Faraig.

Photography by Lucia Faraig.

Naomi Watts in a still photography of “The impossible”, directed by J.A. Bayona.

Change of the background to give dynamism to the water and addition of the right hand holding the palm tree. General color and contrast work.


Photography by Michael Roud.

Athlete commercial for sports brand.

Change of the background to recreate the interior of a stadium, effect of rain falling and splashing the character.


Photography by Michael Roud.Photography by Michael Roud.

Photography by Nicolas Marques.

Thompson Hollywood Hotel, Los Angeles, California.

Exposure compensation, elimination of elements and people composition.

Photography by Joe FreshPhotography by Joe Fresh

Photography by Joe Fresh.

Fashion commercial.

Model replacement, beauty work, wrinkle removing and general enhancement.


Photography by FHPhotography by Frank Herfort

Photography by Frank Herfort.

Architectural photography of a Russian factory.

General cleaning and element removal as cars, street lamps, reflections in the windows, sky replacement, change of company sign and color and contrast adjustments to achieve a cold and metallic look.


Fotolisis treats all work with the utmost confidentiality and respect for copyrights. In this Before & After photo retouching gallery and in the rest of the web site only images authorized by our clients/photographers are shown. Thanks to all of them for their confidence in us.

If you have any doubts or questions about copyright or permissions, please contact us. We are also photographers.

Before & After photo retouching gallery