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Chanel for Mojeh magazine rodrigomail2@gmail.com 17/09/2021

Chanel for Mojeh magazine

Coco Crush Chanel

Coco Crush Chanel jewelry collection for Mojeh magazine. Fashion photography by Julio Gamboa. Retouch by Fotolisis.

Coco Crush Chanel for Mojeh magazine.

The new Coco Crush jewelry collection is a tribute to Coco Chanel, to her romances and creative milestones, but also to her confidence and audacity. The same that pushed her to ask a shoemaker in Venice to cut a cork plate in the shape of a sole and put two strips on it because her leather sandals were burning the soles of her feet on the sand of the Lido. Or to put a handle on her handbags “tired of losing them”.

Coco tells it in The Air of Chanel, published in 1976, where she also reveals that the jewelers’ jewelry bored her, so she commissioned the goldsmith responsible for the buttons of her jackets, François Hugo, all kinds of earrings, brooches and “fancy ornaments”. There was no Coco Crush yet.

It is not just any collection, it is Coco Crush and it was born to dazzle. Minimalism and femininity have come together to create a high jewelry collection by the French maison Chanel. This is the first online jewelry collection launched and is the product of a collaboration between Chanel and Net-A-Porter.

This line has been created in the firm’s own studio and consists of 5 rings and a bracelet. Chanel was one of the last luxury brands to resist marketing its jewelry online and it was not going to do it in any way. Coco Crush is a collection to let yourself go. It carries the legendary symbol of the French house, the matelassé or quilted, typical of the iconic Chanel bags.