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BMW 4 series Coupé rodrigomail2@gmail.com 16/09/2021

BMW 4 series Coupé

Design of the new BMW 4 series Coupé amongst the city of Melbourne. Photography by Robin Lowe. Retouch by Fotolisis.

The new BMW  

is a coupe, D-segment, manufactured by BMW since 2013. The second generation, introduced in 2020, is currently being marketed. The 4 Series is characterized by offering an aggressive image, a sporty driving feel and a tuning designed to involve the driver in driving. The new model is manufactured at BMW’s plant in Munich, Germany.

In June 2020 was presented the second generation of the this car, in coupe body (G22), premiering a new platform and important innovations in technology, driving assistance and engines. However, its main change is in its exterior design, as it brings to production the aesthetics of the BMW Concept 4 with a large front grille that breaks drastically with the classic design of the kidneys of BMW.

The BMW 4 Series is the name of a range of cars that encompass what until years ago we called BMW 3 Series Coupe and BMW 3 Series Convertible and, therefore, we are facing products that are derived from the BMW 3 Series, the medium sedan BMW. This range consists of three bodies: the BMW 4 Series Coupe is a two-door coupe, the BMW Convertible is its convertible alternative, and finally there is a BMW Gran Coupe that offers a sedan body design alternative and sportier feel than the 3 Series.

The exterior design of the car is sporty and ornate, also premiering a large grille that is absolute protagonist in the front. From its simplest finishes the line of the 4 Series is characterized by strong lines and the use of angular shapes that give it a lot of personality. With the move to sportier versions and finishes this aggressive aesthetic is further accentuated, emphasizing its features throughout the body, increasing the size of its air intakes (false or functional) and giving even more prominence to the front grille.