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My name is Rodrigo Rodríguez and I´m the Fotolisis retoucher. A long time ago I started playing with an old Zenith camera, 50 mm lens. Then came the B/W lab placed in my bedroom, a work as assistant in a photography studio and then my first computer and that strange thing called digital photography and Photoshop. I founded Fotolisis in 2008 and here I am, still enjoying photography and my job, glad to work with great photographers and creative directors. If you want to get in touch with us, use the contact form or just send us an e- mail to:

Contact us
Fotolisis contact
How we work:
  • We receive the images (preferably in Raw format) via Wetransfer or Dropbox (or any other you use) along with a short briefing of the work to be done. 
  • Then a quote, and if we have an agreement, work begins. 
  • The images are retouched following the indications and sending previews to direct the retouch according to the client’s needs. We work on the corrections until everything is ok and approved.
  • It is time to send the final high resolution files (Any file format and color profile needed).
How we charge:

Via PayPal or bank transfer when the work is checked, completed and sent.

Our prices:

We don’t have a fixed retouching rate. It all depends on the difficulty, volume, urgency, corrections to be made… Any work is quoted in advance, so just ask.