creo que esto lo que me pedis…saludos

09/13/19 05:16 PM

RL 14400 EN CNAME Editar Eliminar 14400 EN CNAME Editar Eliminar 14400 EN CNAME Editar Eliminar 1400 EN CNAME Editar Eliminar 14400 EN CNAME Editar Eliminar

09/13/19 05:13 PM

Mailgun response

Hello Raul, Thank you for contacting Mailgun support. The domain is not able to be added to your account as it currently exists on a different account within our system. While we are unable to release any information about that account, we do have a process for you to prove ownership of the domain so that the domain can be created upon your account. To verify ownership of the domain, we will need you to login to your DNS provider and add the subdomain Once the subdomain is added, you’ll need to configure a CNAME on the subdomain with a value pointing to the following: Next, please reply to this ticket letting us know the CNAME has been added. We’ll confirm through DNS lookups, and when/if confirmation is successful, we’ll remove the domain from the existing account. After removal, we’ll update the ticket to let you know that the domain was removed from the existing account and thus can be created within your account. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, Levi@MG

09/11/19 12:02 PM


perdon, no me deja añadirlo a la cuenta, me dice que ya lo tengo saludos y gracias…

09/10/19 12:04 PM

Mailgun response

Hello, Thank you for contacting Mailgun support. To confirm, are you having an issue adding the domain to the account or sending with the domain? Regards, Jeff | Mailgun Support

09/09/19 07:54 PM


necesito manejar este dominio desde aqui

09/09/19 07:35 PM

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