[Photo Retouching Services for Professional Photographers]


Fotolisis is a photographic studio that specializes in high end editorial and commercial retouching for professional photographers, designers, advertising agencies and digital media industry. We convert ideas into pixels.


Here you can find a varied selection of our post-production work. From editorial, fashion, commercial and lifestyle to headshot, portrait, product and architectural images. Visit the Gallery and the Before&After section to see our portfolio.


We are based in Spain and offer off-site services for worldwide clients. From 2008, Fotolisis gives a high end retouching skills, friendly service and quick turnaround. For a quote or just a general enquiry please contact us here.

Our company provides photo editing services to professional photographers, photography studios, advertising agencies, E-Commerce, media & publication and stock photo around the globe.

We offer a variety of retouching and editing services and specialize in:

·Portrait and Headshot photo retouching

We try to achieve the best natural and flawless look removing imperfections on skin as spots, wrinkles , blemishes, hairs, eye bags, etc. Skin smoothing to bring a fresh view but saving the texture and real feeling. Hair retouching by removing the stray hairs and fixing the hairstyle. Eyes and teeth whitening correction, lips moistening, liquify filter and many more.

·High-end image retouching

Fotolisis offer high end retouching for fashion, beauty and editorial images and bring out the best from your raw studio shot images. Color and contrast correction, background cleaning, editing and composing, skin detail enhancements, body sculpting, clothes fixing and everything you need to achieve a great image and impact.

·Commercial photo retouching

We offer professional image post-production for products, cosmetics, jewelry, food and industry images. Working for international brands and online stores to make your products shine on the biggest stage.

·Photo montage & manipulation

With the photo manipulation thecniques we can combine two or more images to create a magnificent and spectacular photo montages. Matching the color and contrast between images, working with accurate selections and paths, backgrounds replacement, adding shadows and merging the images for a realistic and impactful result. Creativity is the main tool.

·Architectural and interior photo editing

Photo editing thecniques for real estate conpanies, corporate image, building owners, property sellers, hotels, malls, store and show rooms, rental vacacional… The postproduction work in this area includes color and contrast adjustment, deep cleaning, perspective and lens distortion correction, background, landscape and sky replacement, high dynamic range (HDR) thecniques, gardening enhancements, removing the third party persons and unwanted vehicles.

· Lifestyle image retouching

Improving the images about the real-life events and the people´s live, suggesting atmospheres, focusing the images with the digital thecniques and helping to tell histories.

· Still photography retouching

Fotolisis is proud to work with great unit still photographers in the motion picture industry. Matching the still photos with the film look and creating the desired atmosphere in each image, removing microphones, assistants, and backstage stuff.

…and any other thing you need about photo retouching, photo editing, image manipulation and postproduction.

We work using the latest image editing tools as Photoshop, Capture One and Lightroom to offer the best result for your images.

Nondestructive editing techniques allows us to make changes and corrections to an image without overwriting the original file, which remains available in case you want to revert to it. Because nondestructive retouching tools doesn’t remove the image data and the quality doesn’t degrade in the editing process. We use the nondestructive retouching techniques as the Camera Raw editing options, layers, adjustment layers, masking layers, smart objects… We also work in 16-bit depth to keep the original quality over the editing process.

Take a look at our gallery and the before&after section for some examples of our recent editing work and contact us to get a quote for a service you are interested in.

To get a free estimate, please send us the file/s you would like to have edited. Please define your requirements for the project. We will reply to your inquiry with a quote for the work based on your instructions.

We are a Photo Editing Service Provider started in the year 2008 with the Intention of Delivering Extremely Impressive Quality, Price and Turnaround Time for the World Wide Clients. We have Expert Photo Editing Specialists who will Process and Deliver 8000+ of Images a Day.

You can send the image as an attachment or we transfer me. Our working result will speak for us.
Services that we provide are:-
Masking/Clipping Path
Normal/Light Retouch, Beauty Retouching/ Glamour Retouching
Create Shadow/Reflection
Object Removal
Neck Joint (Photoshop Ghost mannequin)
clipping mask
Removing backgrounds from photos
E-Commerce Editing
Color Correction
Our team always give the best value to be worthy of companies, individuals and photographers choice. To enlarge our image editing services through the world, we developed easy-to-use interface that suits for both small and huge orders. We are always available to discuss your task!
For more details please visit our sections.
We work through all day 24/7 unbeatable accessibility and excellent customer service.